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Enquiries & Referrals 

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We welcome enquiries from families, carers, healthcare professionals and others looking for care and support that is safe, sound and supportive.

All enquiries are dealt with, within 24 hours.

Referrals from professionals are passed to a clinician who will decide if Danshell can offer the support required. If Danshell is the right place for the individual then we will provide an assessment, detailed report, provisional treatment plan, service information and breakdown of fees.

Enquiries and referrals can be made by calling 020 7487 0067 or using our Fast Contact Form to the left.

Danshell Group Head Office

One Manchester Square, London, W1U 3AB

T 020 7487 0060

Danshell Central Support Office

Gateway 1, Holgate Park Drive, York, YO26 4GL

T 0844 9980880


Referrals & Enquiries

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