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Bostall House

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Bostall House Independent Hospital for Men Living with a Learning Disability 

Bostall House is an independent hospital located in Abbey Wood, London. The service provides assessment and intervention for up to six men who are living with a learning disability and associated complex needs. The service can also support those who have mental health needs and behaviours that are perceived as challenging. 

People come to Bostall House from a home environment, supported living or residential service due to an illness or a crisis in their life. They may also come following a stay at an NHS or other specialist service including a secure service. We believe that everyone should be treated as a full and valued member of their community with the same rights as everyone else. Therefore, our focus is rehabilitation and the improvement of the health and well-being of service users; developing trusting relationships and attaining positive outcomes. Service users are encouraged to identify and achieve their own personal aspirations using person centred thinking and approaches. We work hard with the people, their families and those closest to them to find out what is important to them and what their hopes and dreams for the future are. This is part of our commitment to use every opportunity we can to hear and act on the views of those we support and those who know and care about them best.

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Bostall House is a spacious detached property which is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens. The service has a choice of lounges and communal areas for people to choose from and a private garden to the rear of the house. Bostall House is located in Abbey Wood, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It is easily accessible from many local areas. There are local bus routes and Abbey Wood station is a ten minute walk away with central London a 30 minute train journey away. Bostall House is ideally located near several notable places of interest including Danson Park, and the Royal Museums Greenwich. 

When people come to Bostall House we find out how they would like to personalise their room and we support them to do that. We also like to find out what they like to do and what interests them. People are supported to plan menus, shop and prepare food with support to increase their daily living skills in readiness for moving on. There is a large and varied choice of local community activities which include; bowling, the local gym, cafes and shops. Many people are supported to access education at local colleges and some have paid or voluntary work placements.

Our goal is to enable people to structure their time; build relationships and establish a balance between therapy, selfcare, work and leisure as appropriate to their individual needs.

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About Bostall House

Bostall House - About Bostall House

Danshell Logo small3Bostall House is a spacious detached property which is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens. The service has a choice of lounges and communal areas for people to choose from and a private garden to the rear of the house.

Bostall House is located in Abbey Wood, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It is easily accessible from many local areas. There are local bus routes and Abbey Wood station is a ten minute walk away with central London a 30 minute train journey away. Bostall House is ideally located near several notable places of interest including Danson Park, and the Royal Museums Greenwich.

When people come to Bostall House we find out how they would like to personalise their room and we support them to do that. We also like to find out what they like to do and what interests them. People are supported to plan menus, shop and prepare food with support to increase their daily living skills in readiness for moving on. There is a large and varied choice of local community activities which include; bowling, the local gym, cafes and shops.

Many people are supported to access education at local colleges and some have paid or voluntary work placements. Our goal is to enable people to structure their time; build relationships and establish a balance between therapy, selfcare, work and leisure as appropriate to their individual needs.


Family Matters

Bostall House - Family Matters

Family mealAt Bostall House we know that the people we serve are part of a wider circle of family, friends and networks that are important to them and therefore, important to us. We work in partnership with them to ensure we provide the right service for their relative but also to support them in their own right as a family carer. Family carers and important others are encouraged to develop good contact arrangements with staff at Bostall House. We look forward to receiving visitors as well as updates from families and friends by email, phone or Skype.

The Danshell Family Carer Forum is run independently by a group of family carers and there are representatives from every region of the UK. The forum facilitates family carers to ask questions, discuss worries and support one another. It produces a quarterly newsletter which helps families share experiences as well as keeping people up to date with benefit information, legislative changes and relevant Danshell developments. Your service manager can give you details of how to get in touch or contact them through the on line forum on the Danshell website.


Personal Activities Plan

Bostall House - Personal Activities Plan

Bostall House has a dedicated activities co-ordinator who supports service users to have individual person-centred plans. The wants, needs and interests of each individual are established through a variety of sources of information and communication with key people.

Service users are supported to participate in social activities that may be of interest to them through the well-established network of community based groups in Abbey Wood and the wider London area.

Yola - Activity Co-ordinator - Bostall House

My duties at Bostall House are to support each service user to create an individualised activity plan which is based upon their interests, health needs, family feedback and future goals. The activity plan incorporates both in-house and community based activities.

On a weekly basis service users engage in many inhouse group activities such as ‘coffee and chat’ and ‘client empowerment’ meetings. At Bostall House, we have an activities room where many activities are on offer such as pool and a training kitchen where service users can prepare their own meals and snacks. There is also a large garden which provides a beautiful space for outdoor activities especially during the summer time. In the community, there are a wide range of activities which services users currently enjoy namely, attending college courses, bowling, watching movies at the cinema, walks in the park, swimming or visiting the library. I also liaise with several community organisations including voluntary and special leagues to further enrich the social inclusion of service users at Bostall House.

Positive Behaviour Support

Bostall House - Positive Behaviour Support

Many of the people we serve at Bostall House have behaviours that challenge services. We believe that we have to make a long term commitment to providing the right support for each individual to improve their quality of life. This does not mean that people need to remain in the same place but rather we continue to support them in a person centred way along their care pathway and ensure that what we learn about the person and the best way to work with them, is respected, applied and built on. Importantly, our way of working supports people to be included in their own communities and promotes choice and control, the development of skills and alternative strategies for coping with challenging situations.

To enable this to happen we implement a range of interventions including:

  • Functional Assessment of Behaviour.
  • Personal Positive Behavioural Support Plans.
  • Individualised activity and skill acquisition programmes.
  • Education and employment opportunities.
  • Specialist assessments of need and risk e.g. HCR-20.
A Safe Place To Be

Bostall House - A Safe Place To Be

Safe PlaceOur organisation is committed to delivering care and support in a safe, dignified and respectful manner. We have an extensive governance system called “Safe, Sound and Supportive” that monitors individual and organisational performance against a range of safety and outcome indicators.

Using electronic reporting systems we are able to monitor and act swiftly in response to incidents or untoward events. Our systems and structures provide what we believe to be a ‘gold standard’ approach to securing service user safety.

Across all services there is an independent and confidential whistle blowing policy and service for all staff to use if they are worried about service user safety, care and wellbeing.


Service User Involvement

Bostall House - Service User Involvement

Thinking planWe encourage people to say how they feel about all aspects of the service they receive and we give them the tools and support to do this. This includes their views about how we deliver support to them, their care plans and the activities they want to do. At Bostall House we support people to be part of the service user forum. Here, they can tell us what matters to them, their points and actions are noted. This is then created in an accessible format and fed back to the manager to act on and give feedback to the group. We also support people to attend the regular regional service user forums which are a great way for individuals to meet new people from other services and exchange ideas.

A number of service users have been trained as Experts by Experience or Quality Checkers, their role is part of the Quality Development Review Team who inspect services to make sure they are good. We also train and support people to be a valued member of the recruitment and interview process in many of our services. We have devised policies, communication and measuring tools to enable this to happen across all of our services. Feedback from the people we serve is vital to making sure we are doing things well. We have post CPA and service user exit questionnaires which are used to support people to do that. Adapted questionnaires are used for people who need support in communication and that way we can be sure all voices are heard and acted upon. All feedback is collated and fed back to the Board.

The advocacy group working at Bostall House is called VoiceAbility and everyone we serve has access to an independent advocate.

Danshell is committed to developing services that reflect what the people who use our services and their families tell us is important. This includes ensuring they, their family and carers are fully involved in processes such as the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and in evaluating the service we provide.


Staff Support

Bostall House - Staff Support

A Support health gpThere is full access to specialist clinical and therapeutic support to enable us to deliver creative, flexible and effective responses to meet individual need. Our multi-professional team includes nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

We are committed to the learning and development of our staff as stated in our Quality Strategy and Personal PATHS model of care. We have also created a Training and Development Strategy which reflects the importance of increasing people’s confidence, knowledge and expertise.


Bostall House Hospital

Bostall Heath, 
Knee Hill Road 
Abbey Wood 
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Manager: Elizabeth Ughu
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