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Ducks Halt

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Ducks Halt Provides Residential Health Care for Women with Learning Disabilities

Ducks Halt is a five bed residential care home with nursing located in the picturesque village of Kirby Le Soken in North Essex. Ducks Halt supports women who are living with a learning disability and complex needs. This includes people who may have additional mental and physical impairments and behaviours which are perceived as challenging. People may come to Ducks Halt for many reasons. They may be moving on from a hospital setting or may require a service which can support them more than a residential placement. It may be that they are leaving a residential or home setting and require a little support during a difficult period in their life or they could be on a pathway to a place of their own.

At Ducks Halt we believe that everyone should be treated as a full and valued member of their community with the same rights as everyone else. Therefore, our focus is rehabilitation and the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the people we serve, developing trusting relationships and attaining positive outcomes. Service users are encouraged to identify and achieve their own personal aspirations using person centred thinking and approaches. At Ducks Halt we work hard with the people, their families and those closest to them to find out what is important to them and what their hopes and dreams for the future are. This is part of our commitment to use every opportunity we can to hear and act on the views of those we support and those who know and care about them best.

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Ducks Halt is homely and we support people to personalise and decorate their room as they would like it to be. It has relaxing living areas and a kitchen for people to prepare drinks, food and snacks for themselves or for people visiting them. There is a large garden with a seating area and space for gardening and other outdoor interests.

Ducks Halt is close to the sea and in particular Clacton beach and all that a seaside town has to offer. There are local bus links to Colchester, Clacton and other outlying towns. Many of the people at Ducks Halt are supported in education at local colleges and some have paid or voluntary work placements.

Our goal is to enable people to structure their time; build relationships and establish a balance between therapy, selfcare, work and leisure as appropriate to their individual needs. Community based activities give people the opportunity to meet others, experience new activities, participate in leisure activities and practice social skills. Activities depend on individual preference and can include a variety of community based and educational choices.

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Patient Safety

Ducks Halt - Patient Safety

It is in the interest of service users and staff that all incidents, accidents or concerns about care or treatment are acted upon, documented and reported as soon as possible and according to company policies and procedures.
Across all services there is an independent and confidential whistle blowing policy for all staff to use if they have concerns around safety of services users, their care and well-being.

Each service user has access to an independent advocate who can discuss any concerns, likes or dislikes in confidence.

We also support our service users who are detained and those who lack capacity to access local authority provided Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHA) and Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA).

Treatment Programme

Ducks Halt - Treatment Programme

On admission a number of assessments are made in order to establish the needs of that person. These assessments outline the individuals' rehabilitation and treatment plan and they are created in partnership with the service user.
The assessments lead to the development of a care programme approach which records things that are important to the individual such as how they like to spend their leisure time, which people are in their lives and what they would like to achieve for themselves. The staff team work in partnership to help the service user set and achieve realistic goals.

The plans include lots of indicators as to how that person is progressing along their own care pathway. The indicators will be available to track at regular CPA meetings to which professionals, family and carers are invited to attend.
Risk assessments, which could include START (short term assessment of risk and treatability) and the HCR-20 tool, are used alongside psychological and occupational therapy inputs to support positive risk taking. This helps service users to access the community for leisure purposes and for opportunities to develop social and practical skills in order for them to move along the care pathway.

Service Staffing

Ducks Halt - Service Staffing

A Support health gpThe service is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a registered nurse on duty at all times.
The team is made up of the service manager, nurses, support workers, an activities co-ordinator and other ancillary staff.

South East Clinical Team

Psychiatrist: Francis Inwang and Thomas Mlele
Psychologist: Marcus Kibel
Assistant Psychologist: Christopher Foram
Occupational Therapist: Susan Wood
Director of Governance & Nursing: Marie Greenberry 
Group Medical Director: Dr Steve Wilkinson
Consultant Nurse: Pat Hemming

Ducks Halt Residential Service with Nursing

8 Walton Road
CO13 0DU
phone-easyread 01255 853 930

Manager: Nicola Darby
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Ducks halt brochure front coverDucks Halt 

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