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Bostall House - Service of the Month

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Bostall House is an independent hospital located in Abbey Wood, London. The service provides assessment and intervention for up to six men who are living with a learning disability and associated complex needs. The service can also support those who have mental health needs and behaviours that are perceived as challenging.

Bostall House has been selected as our service of the month, please see below for a case study on the fantastic work being done at this service. 

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Case Study, Greg*:

“I came to Bostall House six months ago. When I arrived I found it was a beautiful place and it was different. Many of the service users were into football and that was very nice because I like football too. What I really liked about Bostall House was getting to know the staff and the other service users. I met one of the service users from my past placement, it was good to meet him again since we were friends before. He is also happy to see and talk to me.  I was a bit quiet at first but I realised that I could do a lot of things. I went out to visit many places in London and the staff were happy to help me.

I like it here because there are more activities to do. I go to college to do cooking and computers. I often go bowling, to the gym, walking and shopping. Staff are friendly and I go out a lot to see new places in London. I also enjoy football and have visited Stamford Bridge recently to see Chelsea play.

I see my family more often than before, my fiancée’ comes to visit me a lot and I like to spend time with her. At college I have made some friends and like my tutor she is very nice and funny.

Bostall house is a very nice place; my bedroom is very big and comfortable.

Soon I will start a voluntary job working in a charity shop as a Warehouse Volunteer.  Staff at Bostall helped me fill out the form and took me to the place for my appointment. Now I am getting to be more independent in doing things by myself.  I am excited and happy about Bostall House as it is  closer to my families home and if I do well here, I can get my own flat where me and my fiancée’ will live to start our new life together.”

*Service user name has been anonymised 


To find out more about Bostall House please click here.


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