How can I tell you about a compliment, comment or complaint?


You can speak to any of the following people by calling 01904 206 728:

Chief Executive Officer - Mel Ramsey 
Scotland & Northumberland - Mandy Falconer
North East England - Karen Urwin
Midlands England - Sharena Record
South East England - Melinda Glover

You can also speak to the regulator for your region:
Care Quality Commission (CQC) on 03000 616 161 for all English services
Care Inspectorate on 0345 600 9527 for all Scottish Care Homes
Healthcare Improvement Scotland on 0131 623 4300 for all Scottish Hospitals

In writing

You can write to the people listed above at the following address:

Danshell Group
Gateway 1
Holgate Park Drive
York YO26 4GL

All our complaints are logged and responded to in line with our Company complaints policy. Should you wish to receive a copy of this policy we would be only too happy to let you have one. Also, please remember that it is nice for us to hear when we are doing well and all compliments and comments are logged too. In all our services we have a zero tolerance of abuse towards staff and do not expect our staff to be subject to abuse by visitors. If any visitor has a concern or complaint, then they can discuss this with the service manager who will then follow our complaint policy.