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Family and Carers

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This image is a copy of the illustration taken during the first family carer weekend showing all the subjects that were discussed.

Family and Carers

At Danshell we know that the people we serve are part of a wider circle of family, friends and networks that are important to them and therefore, important to us. We work in partnership with them to ensure we provide the right service for their relative but also to support them in their own right as a family carer.

Family carers and important others are encouraged to develop good contact arrangements with staff. Within each of our services we look forward to receiving visitors as well as updates from family carers and friends by email, phone or Skype/ FaceTime.

Some of our family carers are involved in the recruitment and interview process for employing staff. This ensures that they have their say about who they think would be able to deliver good support for their loved ones. We work closely with families to ensure that we are able to hear their voice and support them. We encourage participation at family forums and involvement at CPA meetings.

The Danshell Family Carer Forum is run independently by a group of family carers and there are representatives from every region of the UK. The forum facilitates family carers to ask questions, discuss worries and support one another. It produces a quarterly newsletter which helps families share experiences as well as keeping people up to date with benefit information, legislative changes and relevant Danshell developments. The image at the top of the page shows the illustrated minutes from the first family carer weekend.


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